How to Get Home Services

Picture of woman receiving CPWD Home Health ServicesGetting Services

To obtain Home Health services from any provider, including CPWD, a specific process must be undertaken. This process can seem daunting and confusing at first. CPWD has Independent Living Advisors who can help consumers successfully navigate this process and obtain benefits.


Following are the basic steps.

  1. Apply for Social Security Income (unless you are able to self-pay, in which case skip to step #4)
  2. You may be denied SSI – this is common. Pursuing an appeal has an 80 percent success rate. Don’t be discouraged; get help and appeal.
  3. Apply for Medicaid
  4. Register at your regional Single Point of Entry (SEP) for services. In Boulder County you can register at Adult Care Management, Inc. (ACMI). Use this link to find your SEP in other counties:
  5. The SEP will do an intake and schedule an in-home care manager meeting to assess your needs, and then find the right agency to provide the care.
  6. Meet with the agency (CPWD or other), talk about services, go over needs, set up a care plan and start receiving services. Note: for Skilled Nursing services you will need a doctor’s order.
  7. Care continues as long as you are eligible for Medicaid and have a need for services.

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