CPWD and Thornton Install APS Light Signal

APS Signal

Center for People With Disabilities, in Cooperation with City of Thornton, Updates Crosswalks for Accessibility

Thornton, CO (November 7, 2017) – Center for People With Disabilities (CPWD), a nonprofit that provides services to assist people with disabilities overcome barriers to independent living, is collaboration with the City of Thornton Infrastructure Department to improve access to crosswalks for people with disabilities.

People with visual impairment of varying degrees have difficulty seeing stoplights, worn out reflective tape in crosswalks, oncoming traffic, and pedestrian signals.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are devices that communicate in words instructions about crossing a crosswalk to inform people who cannot see the lights and signals.

At the request of CPWD,  John Behan, Project Manager, Traffic, City of Thornton, Infrastructure Department, has committed to re-tape certain crosswalks and to begin installing APS systems at specific intersections more prevalently used by people with visual impairment. As of the end of October, the crosswalks and stopbars at the intersection of 103rd and Washington have been re-taped, and the City is in the process of installing APS.

CPWD appreciates the understanding and willingness of the City of Thornton to improve accessibility in public areas for people with disabilities.

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